Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 :: 6:06 PM

“The three of us decided from the beggining that we weren’t going to change certain aspects of it. Descent is about a woman who gets raped and how she recovers herself. It’s about the nature of sexual violence. It’s about how disturbing it can be mentally. We were met with a ton of resistance; ‘Soften the ending’, ‘Make it happen faster’, ‘Give us closure and a perscription of how we’re supposed to feel about each character.’ Every aspect of this story that we held on to as unique we were asked to change. We didn’t. It was a stubborn uphill battle, but ultimately we did make the movie we set out to make.” (>>)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 :: 10:02 AM

“Now I just glance at the Times homepage to make sure we’re not being invaded by Canada. After that I don’t care.” (>>)

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 :: 3:37 PM

“So here we are again. I go out with a nice woman. I try to figure out if maybe I can love someone again. And I’m hauled in front of an inquisition. Everyone else is just running around doing whatever the hell they want. Lying, screwing people over, making mistakes – big ones like affairs and shit – but they’re fine though. They’re just people going around and doing whatever, their thing. No one expects that much from them. But my little ‘Hello, how do you do? I’m Foy? Nice to meet you. Ha ha, you eat Fruit Loops and have a great smile. How about we have dinner’ suddenly becomes this evil, dishonest, you know, THING that’s suddenly this whole pathology of inauthentic behaviors and denial and suppression of internal voices and shit.” (>>)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 :: 5:23 PM

“Many years ago, an aging pastor came to talk to me. He also was a very intelligent man. He taught Latin at our school. He wanted personal counsel. Age was affecting his mind and emotions. He doubted if God loved him. He was afraid of hell and frightened of death. He thought God had abandoned him for his sins. His mind had become a frightful and dark place, filled with paranoid thoughts. I tried to assure him of the love of God; the God he had known, proclaimed and believed in for so many years of faithful ministry.

“His mind could not take hold of my words. All that was left were the fears and doubts he had suppressed throughout life. Now he was a caricature of himself, terrified and afraid of God. A few months later, he was gone.

“These were my friends. They read the books. Thought the theological thoughts. They taught, read, preached. They had knowledge of God. In the end, their minds weakened, rebelled or turned on them. Knowledge disappeared. But God did not. God knew them and God was with them.

“This is the Good News. We are privileged to know God, and he reveals himself to us. But the God we come to know releases us from the trap of holding onto knowledge as our salvation. He comes to us as a Father, lover, mediator, gracious and all-embracing savior. (>>)

Monday, May 4th, 2009 :: 6:25 PM

“I can’t bend my faith into the shape of a ‘Limited atonement’ Jesus. And I can’t explain that. I only know that I needed to throw that away, because it was shaping me and my world in a way that was taking me away from Jesus.” (>>)




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