Friday, June 3rd, 2011 :: 8:12 PM

“While it is important that a law clearly calls this crime what it is, it is not critical to protecting victims. We will continue to work towards the goal of having specific sections of the code renamed in accordance with the severity of the crime of human trafficking, however, it is important to maintain humility and understand that progress often comes with small steps, not large leaps. For it is better to protect victims through substantive changes in the law, than to protect no victims through empty changes in titles. Accepting this truth was one of the key differences in this legislative session.” (>>)

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 :: 8:31 PM

“Here’s the thing: when someone who means a lot to you experiences a huge loss, what they need the most is to know that you’re there. It’s not about words. Nothing you can say will make it better or really ease the immeasurable pain they are feeling. But what you do? That will be remembered.” (>>)




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