I Visited the American Dream and All I Got Was This Lousy Feeling That I Didn’t Belong

I visited D.C. this weekend. Maybe it was just being around my family (they always bring out the worst in me), but that city just put me in a bad mood the whole weekend.

I spent two hours walking around the Smithsonian…got bored. I stood in the park between the Washington Monument and the Capital Building…was unimpressed. I visited my cousins at the Ritz Carlton…ugliest place I’ve ever seen.

People always talk about how they want to get out of Dayton. I’m so glad I don’t live somewhere else. I can’t stand the pretension and stupidity of it all. Expensive cars. People waiting on you, like you’re some kind of royality and they’re your servant. $5 bagels. Ugly carpet and art everywhere. Not the kind of ugly most people think of. The kind of ugly that’s a throwback to fifteenth-century European royal decoration.

If I could pick anywhere else to live, it would be a third-story loft in Boston. All red brick and hardwood floors. Long rectangular windows looking over the city or Boston Harbor, letting lots of natural light in. But, only if it weren’t a big city with a bunch of people. Of course, I’d also have to convince my church to move with me. Just some place plain and simple. No BMWs. No Abercrombie and Fitch. No L.A. attitudes. No suits, steaks or symphonies. Just people who aren’t fake.

On the bright side, Josh did take some cool pictures, which he’s agreed to get double prints of for me. I know, I know. I need to get a camera and stop mooching doubles off of other people. He actually said that HP sells a decent digital camera for $45, which I’ll definitely get if it’s true. HP and Kodak both have cameras for $150, but I haven’t seen anything for $45 yet. Maybe I can find something on Half.com. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures posted to Snapfish in a week or so.

“I don’t belong here (I don’t belong)
I don’t belong here (I don’t belong)” (>>)

“Don’t wanna be known as a punk in first class.” (>>)