“While I agree with Ehrman that inerrancy and absolute historical truthfulness cannot be sustained when one closely reads Scripture, I do not, like Ehrman, believe that those facts mean Scripture is not the inspired word of God. Again, I see this as being a false dichotomy.

“If faith is going to continue to meet with the data of critical scholarship then I just don’t see another way around it. You certainly cannot reject data simply because it does not fit into a certain taught system of beliefs. Some may be of the opinion that ‘If my beliefs don’t hold up to the facts, then so much worse for the facts!’ (to paraphrase Hegel). I don’t find myself in that category. Critical scholarship brings up valid points that need to be answered, appropriated, and interwoven into Christian theology. Otherwise Christianity will be nothing more than people holding onto to untenable positions with their heads in the sand of 16th century Geneva.” (>>)