“And you know what? When I say this stuff people scream at me and they say, ‘What do you care? Let people do what they want to do, it makes them feel good.’ And you know what? You’re wrong.

“Because, I don’t care if it’s the secretary of HHS saying, ‘hmmm, I’m not gonna take the evidence of my experts on mammograms’ or some cancer-quack who wants to treat his patient with coffee-enemas… when you start down the road where belief in magic replace evidence and science you end up in a place you don’t wanna be.

“You end up Thabo Mbeki’s South Africa; he killed four hundred thousand of his people by insisting that beetroot, garlic and lemon oil were much more effective than the antiretroviral drugs we know can slow the course of AIDS. Hundreds of thousands of needless deaths in a country that has been plauged, worse than any other, by this disease. Please, don’t tell me there are no consequences to these things; there are, there always are.” (>>)