Bob and I have been having fun this afternoon reading the following webpages:

“George Lucas quite naturally believes that he wrote ‘Starwars’, when, in reality, he was told telepathically what to write, by the very ‘Force’ to which the films refer…” (>>)

“Armageddon Survival Kit: Now You Can Immediately Discover, and begin learning, the simple plan how to guarantee your freedom, safety and immortality; if you follow it faithfully, without deviation. No other plan will work! Send US $50 (outside of Europe) for your personal pocket-sized Survival-Plan on CD” (>>)

“All of the modern translations of the Bible are WRONG. The only previous translation that is any good is the Original king James’ Authorised Version Bible and even it has been incorrectly translated in places and the Books in it are not in their correct chronological order. However, I have now completed the ‘King of kings Authorised Version of the Holy Bible’ under God’s/Allah’s supervision and I need a publisher for it. Can you help?” (>>)

“There exists a Plan against the New World Order. It is located at and explains to begin with, the fraud of all man-made legislation, including the 1787/1789 CON-stitution which most patriots are focusing all their efforts on protecting and defending. It shows clearly how it was given to us by the people of the New World Order in order to distract, deflect, and keep us away from God’s Law. The conspirators never could have set up the New World Order if God’s Law was in force, so they had to put in the Constitution.” (>>)