A quote from Cheap Ways To…:


“Not that you don’t actually read Extreme Fisherman, but the cost of the magazine itself could compound over time to be worth more than the fishing boats pictured within. “Stupid stuff” is a space in the budget from which funds seem to never return, a black hole of sorts that eats money available for saving at the same rate as broken-down spacecrafts and other extraterrestrial trash.

“Stupid stuff comes in two kinds: stuff we buy, and stuff we subscribe to or pay for throughout the year. For example, the infomercial-advertised Ab-Flex or your daily Starbucks might fall under the former, while a homeowners warranty might fall under the latter. After all, if you’re paying $500 a year to cover the cost of repairing appliances, you’ll need to replace about an appliance a year to make up for the premium your paying.”