They say that you find what you’re looking for when you finally stop looking. I don’t know if that’s true about girls, but it’s definitely true about digital cameras. Today I noticed that has the HP PhotoSmart 320 for $100 (it’s normally $150), and it comes with a free 32MB memory card (normally $30).

It’s a pretty basic camera, but it’s made by HP so it should be pretty decent quality. It shoots @ 2.1 megapixels w/ a max resolution of 1650 x 1250 pixels, but that’s all I need. It only has a 1.5″ LCD and it’s digital zoom (of course), but a bigger LCD would just be a matter of convienence and any optical zoom camera is gonna be really freaking expensive. So, overall, it’s perfect for only $100.

Not sure how often I’ll use it in day to day life (although I’ve got a few ideas for cool photos), but I definitely want to have it for trips like Mexico and D.C.