I swear I’m gonna hit the next person who calls us “the postmodern generation”

Check out Mere Comments for February 8th (I’d give you a direct link, but his archive links are broken). The article he refers to is here, but read his blog about it first.

Lithurgy and all that isn’t exactly my style, but I am getting pretty sick of the arrogance of all those who think they’re saving the church from these old, out of touch people who’ve screwed it all up. Whatever. You’re just as sinful as anyone else, and your churches have just as many problems as theirs, yours are just different problems. I want to puke every time someone says we need to “market” the church. We’re not a business, we’re the church! Jesus didn’t have flashing neon signs, slick TV ads, and direct mailers. He ministered to people. Healed their physical and spiritual sickness, confronted them with truth, offered them a chance to follow Him. That’s it. And don’t tell me that “times have changed.” So we’ve got computers and cars and skyscapers. So what? People are the same now as they were two thousand years ago.

Using a praise and worship band instead of a choir is a valid style of worship, but it’s just a style. It’s your style, it’s what you like. It’s not more spiritual than a choir. God doesn’t smile on your more because you’re so much more modern and hip than those old people stuck in their silly traditions down the street. Using the web and multimedia are valid styles, but they’re just styles. If they’re preaching the gospel and and making disciples, get out of their way.

“Postmodernism is parasitical: it lives off the achievements and failures of modernism but offers nothing positive of its own. Its only construction is deconstruction. True, some edifices need to be demolished, but architectural awards are not given to wrecking crews.” – J.I. Packer