I thought I’d compare and contrast:

1. Wrist accessories (0)
2. Hair styling products (0)
3. Articles of furniture (7)
4. Threads in my sheets (?)
5. Shoes (5)*

* Ok, I have to explain #5 because I’m feeling a little self-conscious about owning five, FIVE!?!?!, pairs of shoes. The first pair is my regular sturdy Vans for everyday use. The second is my old, beat-up pair of Airwalks used for mowing the lawn. The third is a pair of work-boots I bought ’cause you have to wear boots to MSF courses. The fourth is a pair of sandals I was practically forced to buy at gunpoint (long story, let’s just say it involves a girl.) And the fifth is a pair of Chuck’s I bought for Josh and Meryn’s wedding (Josh and all the groomsmen put them on for the reception).

Phew. Now, I think, I’ve justified myself in owning five pair of shoes. But, just to be safe, I think I’ll go watch a Schwarzenegger movie and play with power tools.