Radical Congruency has an outline of Tony Campolo‘s talk on homosexuality @ the 2004 Emergent Convention. I’ve listed some of the highlights below, and also some video clips of the talk.

Video Clip 1: “Those who are out to condemn me, and some people do on this, say, ‘You’re far too soft on the gay community.’ I don’t like it when Christians are hard on the gay community, so I don’t mind being soft.” (5.8MB MPEG, 4:29)

Video Clip 2: “There is no explanation of a homosexuality orientation that has sufficient empirical validity.” (12.8MB MPEG, 9:50)

Video Clip 3: “I’m waiting for the day when a homosexual can stand up in church and say, ‘I am a homosexual. Every day I struggle with this. Every day the war goes on. And I’ve only been able to survive because I have this network of Christian friends who know me and love me and pray for me and support me and encourage me and [are] family to me.’ … I’m waiting for the church of Jesus Christ to begin to do something like that in the local congregation.” (11.1MB MPEG, 8:33)