The Two Towers

Ralph and I went to see The Two Towers tonight. Wow.

I think my favorite part in the first one, and in this one too, is how the film paints the struggle between good and evil. Not the one between armies fighting along clearly divided lines, but the individual one. Where you make a right choice, resist a temptation, only to give into it two hours later. But then you look back and it’s clear that the only way you’ve gotten as far as you have is grace.

Ofcourse, those huge battle scenes take a close second ;)

PittsburgLive.com has a very good article about all that. (The struggle, not the huge battle scenes)

But now the weekend is over, and it’s back to the daily grind (the tedius, boring, you-do-it-because-you-have-to stuff, not the coffee shop on Brown Street). Gotta wake up in 6 hours and go to class. But, at least after that I’m going to the new building to watch Expanets finish installing our phone system, and get some info from them about what I need to do to hook up a few more phone lines and tie in our DSL line once they leave. When they’re done I can also finish a little bit more of our network. And, ofcourse, it’s always fun to abuse Crystal ;)

“His grace has brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me home.”