I usually listen to music while driving, and last night I realized what a good, solid, underestimated album “Facing Changes” by Hangnail is. As far as signed bands go, they’re one of the smaller ones that you think are good, but don’t really listen to a lot, but that’s just a really stinking good album. I’ve also noticed that about that about “Stereo Girl” by Element 101. Hangnail has a new album called “Transparent” coming out April 22nd; it’d probably be worth getting if I didn’t have so many other good CDs on my wishlist allready.

In other news, my oldest sister Meryn’s birthday was yesterday. I hadn’t had the time to get anything for her earlier in the week, but, a group of us went to O’Charley’s after the Grace Among Thieves show. While we were waiting for a table I went down the street to Half Price Books and did some last minute shopping (I’m gonna be a great husband, I can already tell ;)). I found some cool movies I think she’ll like:

Those, and a gift certificate from DSW Shoes and she should be all set.