“I am not old enough to be anchored by material possessions. I have a truck. That is about it. So I speak without the benefit of real knowledge. Had I a family, I might think differently. A home is an expensive thing. A family lifestyle is expensive. Vacations are expensive. I think that all of these things can be considered necessary. Still, every possession is an anchor. When we have too many of them, we move sluggishly. Soon, we have so many anchors, we simply don’t move at all. I am not one to say that Christians shouldn’t have nice cars or toasters. I will say, however, that a nice car and a toaster are not needed to do what God wants us to do. And, should we purchase these things, we mustn’t excuse ourselves by believing that God would want us to have them. I don’t believe that God cares whether we have nice things. I believe He cares about whether we are obeying Him.” (>>)