“I wish I could believe in God. I really do. I’d like to go to your church, and sing hymns, and be a part of something bigger than myself. I’m at the end of my life, and I don’t think I’ve made a real difference in the world. My life hasn’t really mattered to anyone. But, I just can’t believe in God, so…”

“You don’t believe in God? So what. Sometimes I don’t either. The important question in life is not a question of belief. What’s really important is whom you serve. I think it’s serving God that makes life meaningful.”

“You mean I could go to church, and sing, and do stuff, and all that, without believing in God?”

“Hell yes. I hope so, or else I better find another fuckin’ job.”

“You don’t believe in God?”

“Well, I do now, mostly. I still have my bad days. It’s complicated. Belief comes later for some people, for people like you and me.”

“What would I do? How would I get started?”

“I don’t know, I guess just come to church and sing.”