Inspired by Justin’s sneaky way of getting rid of his crap, I’ve decided to try it for myself. You can have anything in the lists below for free, but I’m busy/lazy, so it works out best if we know each other in real life instead of me having to ship things out. But, I will ship stuff if you don’t live in Dayton and it’s something you really want.

·The Pugalist At Rest by Thom Jones (very good, but I have another copy)
·The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (two copies)
·When God Interrupts by Craig Barnes (recommended by the Reese Roper. Quoted here)
·25 Basic Bible Studies by Francis Schaeffer
·The Great Democracies by Winston Churchill
·Wild at Heart by John Eldridge (good, but I have another copy)
·Under the Radar by Robert Young (autographed. Bob, you might enjoy it)
·Let the Journey Begin by Max Lucado (high school graduation gift from youth group)
·Answers by Josh McDowell
·Day by Day by Billy Graham
·Discipleship by Billy Hanks
·Discoveries by Eugenia Price

·Jump, Little Children – Magazine
·Jump, Little Children – mix
·Sarah Masen – Sarah Masen
·Among Thorns – Desparate
·Nickle and Dime – When You Come Around
·Sunday Drive – Sunday Drive
·Between Theives – Between Thieves
·The Waiting – Wonderfully Made
·Various Artists – Gas Collection #19 (Rob pawned this off on me the other day, and now I’m pawning it off on you)
·Various Artists – Check This Out Baby (early 90s punk mix)
·Various Artists – Fight for Your Rights (MTV propaganda. Everclear, Green Day, Tori, DMB, etc)
·Various Artists – Go-Kart vs the Corporate Giant (early 90s punk mix)
·Various Artists – At War With Society (late 90s punk mix)

·Elvis Costello – Spike (dub. great, but have on CD now)
·Red Five – Flash (ok. have on CD now)
·The Doormats – A Cup of Tea, a Cookie and the Doormats

·A very big Dickies sticker