“I see everyday in my job (a government subcontract) the sunken eyes and the lack of will to question any more the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ and are suddenly satisfied to put in the hours, go home and watch TV, eat and sleep. In so many adults I can see, if not even feel, the dying spirit with the desire to explore, live and enjoy something other than ‘real-life’ TV reruns absent in their lives. I swear this passionate spirit is why children always look at my bike – and the numbers decrease with the advancement of age. I have 3 year olds on my cul-de-sac (yes – I have this bike in a typically quiet residential neighborhood) that come up to me every time I start up the bike or pull in after a ride. They cheer me on – they smile and ask about the bike – even though they have asked the same questions time and time before.” (>>)